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Monaghan Presbytry Training Day 2004

What is Alliance Youth Works?

Alliance Youth Works is an education organisation that works in alliance with other agencies and organisations to bring the best resources and opportunities to children, young people and their leaders.

The aim of AYW is to enthuse, encourage, and empower, people of all ages and abilities to be all that they can be in their families, in their churches, in their communities and the wider world.

How do we achieve this?

In order that we achieve that we have six aims:

> To provide support and training, both a. To those on the frontline of existing youthwork, and
b. In areas where there is a recognised need for local people to increase their capacity to develop and sustain such a work with young people.

> To develop and deliver imaginative, challenging and empowering projects and programmes for children and young people.

> To actively develop partnerships with like-minded organisations, groups and individuals, particularly in regard to developing the necessary financial support base to sustain and develop the services of AYW.

> To help promote a greater understanding of the value of an active, growing and empowering Christian faith in today's world.

> To help promote a greater understanding of, and value for, the different religious, social, political and cultural traditions in our society.

> To work towards the realisation of a more professional, effective, youth service in all areas of youth work, church, community and organisational.

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