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Campfire - 2009


What time should we arrive at camp?
Registration for Spring Camp begins at 08:30 on the Tuesday morning and will close at 09:30. You can arrive at any stage between these two times.


At Camp Alliance, we are committed to ensuring the quality of the camp experience. We understand campers may be a little apprehensive about their first time away from home and/or in a cabin with campers they don't know. With the help of their counsellors, each camper is gently encouraged to become more independent, more responsible for decisions they make, their belongings, encouraged to make group decisions, and of course, to be themselves and have fun.
The cabin group is the foundation of our programme, providing an environment of cooperation, support and fun. Through shared responsibility, planning of activities and participating in group games, challenges and adventures, campers make long-lasting friendships and develop important life skills. They also have the time of their lives!

Requesting places for friends in the same cabin

We know that going away to camp is a big deal for Newbie campers, and sometimes it helps to have a friend in your cabin with you - if this is the case please email Alyn or Stephen (at the email address on the side bar) and let him know who you'd like to be placed with - however that person must also email us (at the same email address from the side bar) and indicate that they want to be in the same cabin as you otherwise we cannot place you together.
Expert Campers beware you may request a cabin buddy to stay with and them with you, but it may not be possible to place you together as Newbies get priority.


We would ask that all campers are fully protected against tetanus, long before coming to Camp. The pre-school tetanus course lasts ten years, and the school leaving booster lasts twenty-five years. It is essential that all campers complete the health section on the registration form before arriving at Camp. This will include a medical number.

Mobile Phones

We do NOT encourage use of mobile phones during Camp!
Time is allowed in the evening programme between 6.00pm and 7.30pm, however we would strongly encourage campers to try a week without their mobile.

Child Protection

All AYW staff operate under the AYW Child Protection Policies.


Camp Alliance takes responsibility only for the activities organised and run by the Camp Alliance counsellors. While all possible care is taken to avoid accidents, Camp Alliance does not insure for personal accident, or for loss or damage to personal property. Those who are not already insured for personal accident or for all risks in respect to personal effects, may wish to make their own arrangements.


As there will be no shop available during the week, we advise Campers not to bring money. If you wish to buy merchandise from our range, we would ask that you would order on your initial booking form.

Senior campers

Senior Campers are campers who have attended camp for two years or more and are in their final year. Because they will have had experience of the way camp is structured, what is required of campers and the sheer greatness of the counsellors, Seniors will be allowed to assist their Counsellors with some appropriate duties in their cabin - helping at supper time, in cabin time and Lodge Cabin Council for example. They also have a status in camp as those who have a history of past adventures in Camp Alliance.
We look on Senior Campers as potential future counsellors and they are invited to return for training when they are 19, if they believe they've got what it takes to do the job.

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