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Campfire - 2009

Camp Media

Welcome to the Camp Media page, including the Quibbler archives. Camp Media is a hands-on, interactive, do-it-yourself programme where campers get the opportunity to reflect and report on the week's goings-on at the event. Why not take a wander through these pages and drink deeply of the heady mixture of fun, fiction and occasionally truthful news items and radio programmes.

Camp Quibbler 2011

Camp Quibbler 2010 Logo > Camp Alliance 2011
Preparation for Camp Alliance 2011 is now underway. Why not check out the Quibbler archives below to find out all the news, stories, videos and pictures from the previous few years?

Quibbler Archives

Click the links below to view the Quibbler produced each year at Camp, and also find contained within each the week's radio podcasts that you can download and listen to.
> The Quibbler 2008
> The Quibbler 2009
> The Quibbler 2010

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