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Campfire - 2009

Kit List

Clothing Personal Miscellaneous
Rainwear (see note 1) Flannel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste Torch and spare batteries
Footwear (see note 2) Comb, hairbrush Optional: Insect repellant
3 warm tops / jumper / sweatshirt / fleece Towels (1 large, 1 medium) Sleeping bag (see note 4)
3 pairs of trousers / jeans Sun block or cream Pillow (see note 4)
7 sets of underwear / socks Personal medication NB: should be noted in the medical section of the registration form Pillowcase (see note 4)
Pyjamas / clothes to sleep in
Clothes for wet activities (see note 3)
Appropriate number of t-shirts

Things to note

Note 1: Rainwear
It is essential to have thoroughly waterproof rainwear. Something with a hood is essential. Waterproof trousers are not essential. We don't always stop the programme when the rain starts.

Note 2: Footwear

We are always out and about at Camp so you really need to have at least two pairs of footwear that you don't mind getting wet and a pair that always stays dry. Make sure the footwear you bring is suitable for the activities you are doing. Trainers are good for most activities and also easier to dry.

Note 3: Clothes for wet activities

If you have chosen wet activities, and certainly within the programme there are water wars and water games, we would suggest that you would wear clothes that are easier to dry, tracksuits, t-shirts, fleeces, etc. We would also suggest that you bring two sets of wet option clothes.

Note 4: Sleeping bag

Although there are beds at Camp with very good mattresses, you do need a sleeping bag. Pillows and pillow cases are also required.

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