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What is Connect? How does it work? How much will it cost? How do I get one?

What is Connect?

Building Capacity: AYW Connect enthuses, encourages and empowers the existing leadership in a project to grow their children's or youth work. It can also create a new project to meet the needs of children or young people in an area. Connect identifies new leadership, trains leaders and develops their skills. At the beginning of our time with your organisation we will invest in building a structure that is appropriate, beneficial and easy to work. We will motivate and bring new ideas and manage the growth and development of your project. Thirteen years of working with leadership teams, pastors and clergy, committees, church leadership, and junior leadership groups has given us a unique insight into how these organisations function and a special position within community and church denominations that we believe is very helpful when working day-to-day with these groups.

Doing youth work with you: We also believe that putting on programmes and delivering projects has a limited value - working alongside folk from the local area, in alliance with them, creates a legacy - a long-term change of mind and heart. We don't do youth work for you, we are simply agents of this change, we do it with you. Children and young people learn best when there are healthy, appropriate and supportive relationships encouraging them to discover and explore topics, AYW will create and nurture these relationships not only with the children and young people but between the children and the young people and their leaders.

How does it work?

The Chat: One of the Co-ordinators will come and meet with your leader-in-charge, minister, or appointed representative. They will chat about the situation, the potential work, and other options that AYW can bring to the organisation.

The Evaluation: One of the Youth workers will come and meet with the leadership team involved with the project and talk about what has happened and hear first hand how their programmes are running. They might attend a couple of evenings at some of the organisations to see the young people and interaction with the leaders. If it is a new project to be started workers will assess the need by a variety of methods.

The Proposal: Having gathered all this information AYW will then write a proposal document marking out what we believe are the key elements of what is necessary at the project.

The Contract: A contract may be attached to this document for completion for a period of 3-5 years. This will also mark out targets for the work based on the Proposal Document.

The Worker: A "Keyworker" will then be assigned to your project and work can begin at an appropriate juncture.

How much will it cost?

This service costs £25 per hour.

This covers all salaries, National Insurances, taxes, employers' contributions and covers not only one worker but a number of staff when necessary and if required. AYW has over 75 cumulative years experience in youth work and a range of resources, original programme material, equipment, ideas, and partnerships with like-minded organisations and suppliers. This payment also includes all necessary insurances required for AYW to work with your children and young people. All AYW staff members are trained in Child protection procedures and are able to train these.

How do I get one?

Contact John (johnphillips@allianceyouthworks.org.uk) and have a chat about the needs of your church or organisation.

Alternatively you can complete this form.

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