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Derrymore House

Derrymore House

"Derrymore House, a modest cottage-style house, was built c.1776 and the landscape park is attributed to John Sutherland, the leading designer of the day. Thin belts of mature, mostly deciduous trees and woodland to the north west of the house are the only reminders of the original planting. The elms have died out and though replanting has taken place it is subject to vandalism. The parkland to the south and east of the house was used for Nissen huts during World War Two. The parkland trees were felled and concrete bases remain in what was always poor soil. A pond was made in the quarry where stone was used for local building. There is a small but charming ornamental garden at the house, which has a Victorian appearance. The walled garden is part cultivated. It was latterly an orchard used for Woodhouse. Two Wellingtonias tower over the west wall. There are four gate lodges, described as, '...disappointingly nondescript'."
DOENI website

"It was built between 1776 and 1787 by Isaac Corry MP of Newry for thirty years, on land he inherited from his father. The house was described by Sir Charles Coote as 'without exception, the most elegant summer lodge...'. There is a rumour that the Act of Union was drafted in the drawing room (now known as the Treaty Room) of the house in 1800 - this however is not true. The surrounding parkland was laid out by John Sutherland, one of the most celebrated disciples of Capability Brown."

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Aims and Objectives

> Work in partnership with National Trust
> Create an accessible and exciting garden on the site that is both beautiful and attractive to wildlife.
> Reclaim the woods and begin to manage it for wildlife.
> Explore the life of the old house and bring back some of the life experiences, particularly in connection to the gardens and woods.

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