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Footprints in the sand

Who is she?

Rua the Deer

This is Rua the Red Deer. She is a hind which is a girl Red Deer. She was named Rua by Matthew Cherry from Kilbroney Integrated Primary School in 2010 because Rua means "red" in Irish. We thought it was perfect.

What is she?

A stag Red Deer are the largest land mammal that we have in the UK and Ireland but only the fourth largest deer in the world after moose, elk and sambar. Rua is 180cm high to her shoulder and can weigh up to 170kg. Rua will never have antlers because only the stags (the boys) get them. There are six species of deer in Britain and Ireland. The Red, Fallow, Roe, Muntjac, Chinese Water and Sika.

Rua's winter and summer fur colour
During the summer months Rua has a beautiful rusty red and brown coat which she sheds completely in the autumn for a much thicker, greyer winter coat. In the wild she will eat grasses, bushes and tender branches of trees. In the winter they will even strip bark off trees to get the goodness inside.

When did she join AYW?

Rua joined Alyn and Liz in Eden in April 2010. However, we don't know how old she is because no-one remembered to write it down! She wasn't well looked after in her last home.

How did she come to be with AYW?

Rua is much happier in her new home at the Kilbroney Centre

Rua wasn't looked after in her last home and had to be taken away to be looked after by the USPCA (the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are a group of people who look after animals that are being hurt or badly treated). The USPCA took her to their site in Bessbrook and looked after her until she was much better. They fed her lots of barley, hay and goat mix.


A close-up of Rua when she was particularly wet!
The USPCA gave Rua to AYW so that children and young people can learn just how amazing our native Irish wildlife is! Rua is our largest native land mammal and it's very rare for us to see them in the wild so it's a great opportunity to get up close to something so special. Rua also teaches us that we need to look after all our animals properly.

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