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A wintery scene at Loughgall

Loughgall Country Park

"Loughgall Country Park is a rural haven of relaxation and recreation. A diverse spectrum of activities ranging from golf to walking, fishing to tennis make this spacious complex a Mecca for families, sports enthusiasts and those merely in search of a helping of tranquility. The emphasis, indeed, is very much on family pursuits. Walking, cycling, a children's play area, golf, fishing, an adventure trail, trim trail, football pitch and tennis courts are just some of the amenities on offer...

There's something for everyone, from the zealous sports lover to the casual visitor who relishes the outdoor life. The extensive facilities offer considerable scope for pursuing a healthy lifestyle while at the same time providing an invaluable recreational outlet for children, even those of a very young age. Picnicing, jogging, exercising and just lazing are the optional extras... and these are free of charge!" Alyn at the gate to Loughgall Country Park
Loughgall Country Park website

AYW have been present at Loughgall Country Park since September 2010. Every Tuesday a group of up to ten volunteers come and take part in a variety of activities which benefit the local biodiversity and the health and well-being of participants.

Alliance Youth Works' ethos is in its very name - we work in alliance with many government, non-government, charitable and private organisations. In Loughgall, AYW have partnered with Armagh District Council Country Park of Loughgall, and The Southern Health and Social Care Trust who place the volunteers and provide a member of their Daytime Opportunities Staff. This is an alliance that works well, and is mirrored within Newry & Mourne, and Craigavon Borough Council venues. AYW hope to bring the strength, expertise and enthusiasm of other partner organisations to the project at Loughgall in the near future. For a full list of our alliance partners see the Alliances page.

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Aims and Objectives

> To work in partnership with Armagh City Council.
> To enhance the educational potential of the site to help local people and schools gain a better understanding of the park and its importance to people and wildlife.
> Develop a sense of ownership and stewardship, which will result in greater respect of the site, a reduction in litter and anti-social behaviour.
> Create a valuable resource for the local community to come and enjoy all year round.
> Implement the biodiversity action plan for Loughgall Country Park.

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