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Woodwork Project

A completed nest box Alliance Youth Works are providers of a number of different programmes as part of the Extended Schools programme. We can offer one off sessions or a programme designed according to your requirements. Arts and crafts sessions can be delivered to groups of any size and any age. They can be tailored to match with classroom learning, the seasons or other topics.

Our woodwork classes are extremely popular and are designed around the World Around Us section of the curriculum. Whilst the classes can be delivered to any age, the programme is best suited to P6/P7 children. Classes are typically 10-12 children in size and will be delivered by 2 tutors. They last for one hour and run for six weeks. During this time children will learn to use a wide range of tools and work with wood to produce a product which they will take home and also some larger pieces for their school or community group.

This programme has been delivered in a number of schools and feedback has been very positive. The children have enjoyed making the pieces and have developed a number of new skills. All the materials required will be supplied and the lessons have been designed with safety in mind.

If you are interested in offering this programme in your school or youth group please contact Alliance Youth Works head office on (028) 7032 0814.

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