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Being dramatic at Grow Teams Reunion 2011

Reason for having a team in your church

Having a Grow Team stay in your church can be a very positive experience. Teams and their Leaders can be immensely supportive to small or growing congregations and a welcome injection of new ideas, energy, and practice for big churches. If your leaders need a break or if they need others to come in and enthuse them then consider a Grow Team.

Why Grow?

Well, in Grow Teams, four things "Grow", they are:

> The kids
- through the teaching and the leaders they come into contact with. We reckon the kids grow physically, mentally, emotionally and definitely spiritually.

> The Church
- the church will hopefully grow from the team. We often see kids turning up to church who have never been before.

> The Leaders
- leaders will grow from the experience of being a Grow Team leader, they learn loads of... well stufffff. They will learn how to work with children, how to lead groups, how to review their work, how to be prepared, and if it's a Bible Grow Team their faith will grow. Ahh, there's just toooo much stuff to list: they learn about God, yourself and others.

> God's Kingdom
- these teams are all about Him. And we do them only to serve Him and enlarge His kingdom. We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to serve God with Grow Teams and plant seeds of life for Him.


When will the team arrive?
The team will arrive on Saturday and begin their preparations. They can also take part in the Sunday Service as much as the church feels appropriate. The team will depart around 17:00 on the following Friday.

What happens during the week?

The team will sleep, eat, prepare and deliver the programme to the kids in the church halls. The kids must not arrive before 10:00am and will leave at 3:00pm. The age ranges from 6 years old to 12 years old. After 3:00pm the team will review the day, tidy up then prepare for the days ahead. Tea is normally around 6:00pm - 6:30pm. After tea, is free time. Also every morning and evening there will be a devotional time for the team, which they will take turns in leading themselves.

What is expected from the church?

As the team will be busy while the kids are on site, we would appreciate if parishioners would sign up to a rota and deliver a light and easily handled lunch for the team around 12:45pm from Monday - Friday. Evening meals are also required from Sunday night to Thursday, however, the team will go out for one evening during the week and will pay for this themselves. The children bring their own packed lunch during the week. We will have a small food list and would appreciate it if parishioners would provide the necessities such as milk, bread, cereal, juice biscuits etc. If you feel that is not enough parishioners can also provide evening tea for the team if the desire is there! Also, there will be a shower list for any parishioners who are willing to allow a few members of the team to shower at the home. The more people sign up, the less are needed.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for the church if you are in a Connect Project. However, there is a charge at the door for each child for each day of £2.50, or £10 for the week. Non-Connect projects should contact the office to discuss pricing.

Does the church need to provide resources?

No, we will bring all we need for the running of the programme. You can provide some leaders if they have the desire to help out, but they must be 14 years old or older for this to happen. They should attend all preparation, team and programme times. Any younger and they can help only during the hours of 10:00am - 3:00pm.

What about publicity?

You can download posters. You may want to place posters in local schools, Church or other churches not running a scheme or print them as fliers. The outline can be used for church magazines, announcements, Church Websites, or local newspaper articles.

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