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Being dramatic at Grow Teams Reunion 2011


We want to make Team T-Shirts a thing again for 2016! So if you sign up early (at the latest 20th May!) and let us know your size, we will be able to get one for you! Your T-Shirt will be included in the price! We are always looking for new Team members to join us! If you know of someone who would love to do a Team, get them signed up and you and your friend could be earning yourself a Grow Team Bracelet!

To register as a leader for a Grow Team:
> Everyone must fill out the form below. Asterisk (*) denotes required field.

> Once you submit the form you will be redirected to the Paypal pages where everyone should complete payment.

> In addition under 18s must download a parental consent form and return it to:
AYW Grow
The Castle
Co. Tyrone
BT71 7JZ
This form will be available on the confirmation page when you have completed payment, or on the Forms page (under the "Going on a Team" menu above).
Note: You are not considered registered for Grow Teams until you have submitted a form and completed payment.
Your form will not be available if you submit it then leave the website without completing payment - if you still wish to register in this case you would have to fill in the entire form again.

If you have any problems with the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch immediately using the details on the right.

Grow Teams Leader Registration

* Marital status

Education and Employment


Medical and Social
* Have you any allergies?      
* Are you diabetic?      
* Have you had any serious illnesses in the last three years?      
* Do you intend to take prescribed medication while working with children or young people?      
* Have you suffered from any depressive illness in the last five years?      
* Do you have any psychological or physical conditions that you think we should know about?      
* Are you vegetarian?      
* Do you have any special dietary requirements?      

Declaration of offence
* Do you have any prosecutions or have you ever been convicted at a court or cautioned by the police for any offence?      
(You are advised that under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders (Exceptions) Order (NI) 1979, as ammended by the Rehabilitations of Offenders (Exceptions)(Amendment) Order (NI) 1987, you should declare all convictions, including 'spent' convictions)

References should not be requested from relatives.
Professional i.e. work/education

Church Involvement

> I declare that all the above information is correct and true.
> I agree to inform AYW if any of the above information changes after I have sent this form (e.g. health, criminal convictions).
> I am in good health and believe I am able to carry out the tasks required of me.
> I agree to respect the authority of the AYW leadership and any guidelines set down by them.
> I will make myself available for the set training events, as far as is possible for me to do so.

* Please tick   

Team Selection
Please use the table below to select which teams you wish to do this summer. Please note:
> Each team costs £20

> You should only select a team if you can commit to the entire duration of the team

> With this in mind, please do not sign up to two teams that happen at the same time!

> We do not advise you do two teams in a row - Grow Teams are very tiring!

> If you are not sure where you want to go, click the "Put me anywhere" box
Date Location Cost
9th - 15th July
23rd - 29th July
13th - 19th August
Feel free to leave a note below!
T-Shirt Select size: FREE for online registration only!
Total: £0.00

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